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HomeLink International is the world's oldest home exchange community. Our not-for-profit organisation has pioneered the global experience of home exchange holidays and house sitting since the early 1950's. If you want to know all about home exchange, rest assured that you have come to the right place.

We invite you to discover that after more than half a century, HomeLink is still unique. It's because our community has always been about far more than just low cost holidays. HomeLink is all about people like you.

Unlike the "new" breed of faceless, internet-only home exchange networks, HomeLink has local Coordinators in 27 major countries. We are not one disengaged "web-master", but instead, a professional team of highly experienced home exchangers. So it is our pleasure to offer knowledgeable, personal support for a global community of real home exchange enthusiasts.

At HomeLink, we understand the essential ingredients that make for a rich and rewarding home exchange experience. We also understand that before you can truly relax and enjoy your home exchange holiday, the one thing you really need is to feel safe and secure about the people who will stay in your home. We understand that you need to find far more than just the right house.. you need to find great people to exchange with. People who make you feel comfortable, who share your values.

Rest assured that HomeLinkers are those people. Since 1953, our global community has grown by embracing a wonderful tradition. We like to call it, "The HomeLink Spirit". It is our simple, old-fashioned community values. Respect. Trust. Caring. Generosity. We understand that these are the foundation for every great home exchange holiday.

If you share our values too, and you would like to begin forming instant (and often lifelong) friendships in over 60 countries around the world, then on behalf of our entire global community we'd like to say, "Welcome Home".

We're thrilled to have you visit us!

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At HomeLink, we understand that to enjoy your home exchange holiday,  you need to feel confident about the people who will stay in your home. You need to find more than just the right house... you need to find the right people to exchange with. People who make you feel comfortable and who share your values.  HomeLinkers are those people - the right kind of people.

Most people who come across home exchanging for the first time have many questions.  The answers to many of these can be found in our Visitors' Area.  If you'd simply like to chat through your requirements in person, then just let me have your telephone number and I'll get in touch.

  I would like to thank you once again for making our lovely exchange holidays possible.

Suzy-Jane Tanner from Bath

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Homelink has always been about people. So, for more than half a century, we've offered our members a truly personal service.

Unlike the "new" breed of faceless, "one-man-band" home exchange websites, we are a team of highly experienced local Coordinators. We are located in 27 major countries around the globe. And we'll all gladly help you, every step of the way. Meet us here.

HomeLink India welcomes your interest in our service and in home swapping holidays generally. We are more than happy to assist your story with background industry and historical information, high resolution photos of available homes, and of course, interviews with our members about their home swapping experiences all around the world.

Please contact us and let us know how we can help you.