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Amelia, Fl. (NE of Jax)

USA - Florida
Amelia, Fl. (NE of Jax)

I probably should start right off by mentioning the cats. Two of them. Lovable. They spend a good part of the day sitting on the back veranda, or out and about the neighborhood, but need their dry food and water bowls freshened up every morning since they snack the whole day long. And they love a little treat thrown in for good measure. They don't like to be held, but sure appreciate a rub on the back of their heads when you walk by their lazy selves.

Have I scared you off already? If not, please read on!

The little town we live in--Fernandina Beach, Florida--is the second oldest city in the country. St. Augustine, our neighbor to the South, is the oldest. Fernandina Beach is the only incorporated part of Amelia Island.