Which network has the most members?

Many of the "new" internet-only networks claim that they are largest, premier, etc. Unfortunately, many 'artificially enhance' their totals, by continuing to list expired members.

At HomeLink, we've always believed in helping people make informed decisions, by giving the bare facts. So unlike many other networks, HomeLink does not artificially inflate our total membership numbers by keeping expired listings online. Our member's listings are removed as soon as they leave the community. With HomeLink, you won't waste time trying to contact expired members whose listing information has been kept "live".

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Seeking USA

Melbourne, 4k, N

Australia - Victoria
Melbourne, 4k, N


ASIA 2014: Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Thailand

EUROPE 2015 INCLUDING PARIS AND OTHER PARTS OF FRANCE (especially northern France) I am also interested in exchanges to Rome, Florence, London, the Cotswolds area, Lakes District, Ireland and other places in the UK I will be travelling around parts of Europe too including Italy and southern Spain. Any suggestions will be seriously considered as I am open to new ideas. Prefer a time between March and October 2015. Remember too that Australia's winters are not sever like they can be in Europe. Melbourne does not have snow and maximum temperatures rarely get into single figures ( 5 - 9 degrees Celsius).