Which network has the most members?

Many of the "new" internet-only networks claim that they are largest, premier, etc. Unfortunately, many 'artificially enhance' their totals, by continuing to list expired members.

At HomeLink, we've always believed in helping people make informed decisions, by giving the bare facts. So unlike many other networks, HomeLink does not artificially inflate our total membership numbers by keeping expired listings online. Our member's listings are removed as soon as they leave the community. With HomeLink, you won't waste time trying to contact expired members whose listing information has been kept "live".

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Seeking USA

KDH - Outer Banks, 0m, S

USA - Virginia
KDH - Outer Banks, 0m, S

This is a great beach house about .8 miles from the beach with free beach access all over the place. The house includes lots of fun stuff for rain or shine. Bikes, games, great audio visual capability, high speed internet, a kayak, tons of beach equipment and much more. Shopping and great food is everywhere.

We rent this house out mostly in the summers but have periods of time throughout the year where weeks do not get rented so we wanted to see if other folks might want to take advantage of those open periods. Just send us a note and let us know if you have a week in mind and we'll let you know if it is available.