Why does HomeLink membership cost more?

Often people ask, Why is HomeLink more expensive? I can join 'XYZ' exchange network for only US$49.95 ... or GBP29 ... or FREE.

The answer is, HomeLink is the best. Simple as that.

Once you've read all our Common Questions, you will clearly see the overwhelming advantages of HomeLink compared to faceless, internet-only exchanges. HomeLink's community pioneered the concept of home exchange for more than 57 years, and has over 13,000 loyal members who will build relationships with you according to our long tradition of mutual respect and trust.

Even if you only consider one fact - that only HomeLink has highly experienced local organisers, right there to help you, in almost any country you care to visit, we think you'll agree that this alone more than justifies our price difference. A difference which, when you stop and think about it, is actually a very modest sum compared to the cost of a vacation and this is before you consider all the other advantages of HomeLink! After all, what price can you put on peace of mind? So why would you trust your home ... and vacation ... with any other exchange network?

Our thousands of loyal members around the world (many of whom have renewed every year for 3 decades!) would testify to that wonderful old saying - You only get what you pay for.

Why would you wish to penny-pinch on membership fees with a cheaper, faceless internet-only exchange network?

It's all about your precious home, and finding your once-in-a-lifetime holiday. HomeLink offers the most comprehensive local service all around the world, and the best opportunities to find exactly that.

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Seeking USA


Japan - null

We have an exchange for the summer 2014.

Welcome to Japan!

Our apartment is large and very sunny, with 2 bedrooms, a large living room, a balcony and a modern kitchen. (We can add futons in the living room for larger families.) We also have wireless internet access that allows for a full 5 bars anywhere in the flat.

It only takes five to ten minutes to walk from our home to Todoroki station, Southeast Tokyo, and reach the busy streets of Jiyugaoka (5 minutes), Shibuya (30 minutes), Roppongi (30 minutes), Yokohama harbor (45 minutes) and Kamakura Beach (yes, a beach one hour away from here!).

Todoroki is famous for its walking trail leading through a narrow valley along a small river and a shrine.