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Style or substance? Don't be misled by more stylish, flashy home exchange sites. HomeLink has the fastest site, offers the most features, and has been designed to make reading and navigating the website both easy and enjoyable for our members, many of whom are retirees and/or people who are less confident using the internet.

We maintain separate websites for (currently 27) major countries around the world. These sites are in the domestic language(s), and run by HomeLink Coordinators who are native to that country. These are real sites run by real people. Each site is tailored to the needs of citizens in that country, while allowing access to the central home exchange server databases.

Every HomeLink Coordinator in the world has complete 24-hour access to administer the central database. New listings may be uploaded, passwords administered, and listings edited 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere in the world.

HomeLink offers the best search facilities. We have several distinct search engines, each designed to match your preferences in searching. We also offer 'Key Word' searches that allow you to specify your requirements in as much detail as you choose. During your database searches, you may 'Tag' listings that interest you by clicking on a button. Later, you may retrieve such listings for review. You may add notes, such as a correspondence record, to any of your 'tagged' listings. Of course, listings that no longer interest you may be deleted from your private file.

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Seeking USA

Ashland, Oregon

USA - Oregon
Ashland, Oregon

One-level, view, 1800 sq.ft. 2/bedroom(one-king/one-queen futon)2 bath home in peaceful, friendly residential neighborhood adjacent to small open pasture with birds and occasional deer visitors. Only 100 yards to nature park trails and stream. About 1 mile to town center and historic 93 acre Lithia park with trails and large stream; Shakespeare festival, theaters, chamber music, galleries, restaurants, shops. Southern Oregon University lectures and museum. Rogue River rafting available closely. Nearby hiking with altitude views. Open-air artisan markets March through October. Llama farm 2 miles. 20 minute drive to Mt. Ashland skiing/hiking. 60 mile drive to Crater Lake.

Use of minivan negotiable.