What about language translation?

We have websites in all major countries, in the native domestic language.

When you join HomeLink, your listing details are translated by us into Danish, Dutch, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, Estonian and Russian, so that other members can read your listing in their own language.

On our website, HomeLink translates the listing information into the user's choice of languages "on-the-fly". Because the site has been translated by the HomeLink staff, the syntax is correct and grammar is good - unlike the free translations provided by various web-based translation services.

Best of all, when you are travelling with HomeLink you need not worry about language difficulties. You have the peace of mind that comes with knowing our HomeLink Coordinators are nearby. You can get support, advice and help from 27 HomeLink offices around the world, each staffed by experienced exchangers who speak the native language, AND English. If you have a problem overseas, help in our own language (though perhaps with a strong accent!) is only an email or phone call away.

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Seeking USA

Chester, 15m, N

UK - North West
Chester, 15m, N

We have a swap for summer 2014 but as we retire in September would be interested in other enquiries from then onwards. Our home has been converted from some Victorian Barns built in 1868. The home conversions were completed last year when we moved in. Our 3 storey house is in the heart of beautiful Cheshire countryside. Yet we are about 10 minutes from the lovely country town of Nantwich and about half an hour from the ancient walled city of Chester, some 40 minutes from either Manchester or Liverpool. Crewe station is about 20 minutes away and you can then be in London in less than 2 hours. We often go on day trips to the Welsh mountains and coastline (came back from Beaumaris in Anglesey this morning). There is a large equestrian centre about 5 minutes down the lane. Beeston castle is nearby (in the photo) with many hiking trails in the Peckforton and Bickerton hills. There are a great range of restaurants in the nearby towns and local pubs. Great neighbours. The soldiers in the photos are in our local town, they take over for the day to re-enact the Battle of Nantwich in our 17th century civil war.