What about language translation?

We have websites in all major countries, in the native domestic language.

When you join HomeLink, your listing details are translated by us into Danish, Dutch, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, Estonian and Russian, so that other members can read your listing in their own language.

On our website, HomeLink translates the listing information into the user's choice of languages "on-the-fly". Because the site has been translated by the HomeLink staff, the syntax is correct and grammar is good - unlike the free translations provided by various web-based translation services.

Best of all, when you are travelling with HomeLink you need not worry about language difficulties. You have the peace of mind that comes with knowing our HomeLink Coordinators are nearby. You can get support, advice and help from 27 HomeLink offices around the world, each staffed by experienced exchangers who speak the native language, AND English. If you have a problem overseas, help in our own language (though perhaps with a strong accent!) is only an email or phone call away.

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Seeking USA

Vancouver,   , 0k,

Canada - British Columbia
Vancouver, , 0k,

In the center of Canada's most beautiful city, our new 1500 sq ft (150 sq metre) side-by-side duplex awaits you. With 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, we can comfortably accommodate 5 people. Kitchen doors open to sunny patio with barbecue and outdoor seating. Fully equipped kitchen, dining room seats 6, entertainment centre includes Apple TV and Netflix. Bedrooms on second level and lovely upper level deck with stunning view of the North Shore Mountains where several 2010 Winter Olympic events were held.

In a quiet, friendly neighbourhood, our home faces onto one of Vancouver's many bike routes. Walking distance to shopping, restaurants, parks, community centre, public transit and short bus ride to downtown.