What about safety?

After more than 57 years, we believe HomeLink has developed the safest, most secure system for exchange holidays.

Members of HomeLink may be contacted only by other bona-fide registered members, whose homes are listed as well, and are well acquainted with our customs and Code of Ethics. For our members' security, addresses and phone numbers are made available only to other registered members. Regular contact with our members means we monitor and safeguard the high reputation which HomeLink has enjoyed over more than 57 years.

By comparison, many of the "new" breed of internet-only networks offer an Open System', in which any anonymous visitor can contact any member for free, even though they have not even registered or provided a listing themselves.

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Seeking USA

Viterbo, 20k, SE

Italy - Lazio
Viterbo, 20k, SE

Ref: GOLD = Over 10 years in HL and over 10 Xs

Holiday House at the historic village of Ronciglione - next to Lago di Vico