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Hamburg, 165k, N

Germany - Schleswig-Holstein
Hamburg, 165k, N


We live in the historic town of Flensburg above the fjord (not as deep as in Norway ... but still....).

Other interesting historic and royal places both in Denmark and Germany are nearby as well as museums. Public transport is very good.

We own a lovely big flat / condo ( 160qm) with 2 bedrooms (4 beds, one Super-kingsize, one queensize) and 2 bathrooms in a quiet, very well situated area.

From our luxurious flat you go 5 minutes down to the beaches at the fjord (Baltic Sea) where you have various water sport facilities.Our area is quiet and very beautiful with lots of forests.

To the North Sea it's about 30 miles. You can hire canoes to go down the river Treene.