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Germany - Bavaria

We are a family with two small kids (2+6) and are living directly in Munich at the upper end of the English Garden (large park) and the river Isar is a few minutes walk from our house.

By car you are in 15 min in the town centre, by public transport (bus/tram) within 30min.

Or you can cycle from our house through the English Garden into the town centre of Munich (approx 35min) without having to cross a single road, which is ideal with kids.

Walking takes us (without kids) just over an hour.

We life on the 1st floor of a house with 6 appartments, with a balcony looking into tree tops of the English Garden.

There is a large completly enlosed communal garden with a hugh sand pit, swings and a kinder house, with a few neighbour kids around to play with.