The Joy of Hospitality Exchange

By:  Jim C


Several years ago my wife and I wrote several notes looking for an exchange during festival time in August in Edinburgh.  After the Peacocks responded looking for a February exchange with us in Sarasota, FL we agreed to exchange hospitality.  While they came to spend weeks with us they liked Sarasota enough to buy a condominium a few doors down where they spend six months a year, our best friends, and we have great hospitality at festival time!

This summer I spent two weeks touring Cyprus with a daughter and son-in-law.  I wrote notes to the five Homelink members on Cyprus saying that we didn’t want an exchange but meeting them would be nice.  Sue and Patrick responded inviting us to spend a couple of nights with them.  [We had a] wonderful time with them.  Lovely home and Patrick spent a day showing us around.  In the Turkish area, Frank and Gloria met us at a memorable restaurant for dinner, helped us plan our sight-seeing and invited us to see their delightful home, near where Laurence Durrell wrote “Bitter Lemons.” 

Over the years I have responded to several exchange inquiries that if they get to visit southwest Florida I would be pleased to meet them and perhaps show them around.  So far, no one has taken advantage of this offer...


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Port Vila, , 4k, SW

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Port Vila, , 4k, SW

We are fortunate enough to have three homes in Port Vila. "Sea Breeze Guest House" was completed in Dec 2011, consisting of 4 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. Huge living area, and large covered deck.

We also have "In-Di-Go Cottage" a modest, quaint 2 bedroom cottage. The cottage sits under an old mango tree behind a white picket fence, as does "Sea Breeze". Both dwellings sit on a pretty site, surrounded by tropical gardens. Our gated subdivision is argueably the most beautiful ex-pat area in Port Vila. The entire subdivision juts out into the harbour. Only 4 km's from town.