An Australian Adventure With Joey...

By:  Pat L

        In the fall of 2011 my husband and I were on a two-month home exchange in Perth, Western Australia, something we have been doing all over the world for 21 years.

        We decided to take a road trip south of Perth through the scenic Margaret River country, a lush landscape dotted with more than 100 wineries.  We continued on to Point Leeuwin, with its spectacular coastline. This is Australia's most southwesterly point, where the Indian and Southern oceans meet.

        Along the way, we explored Jewel and Mammoth caves, both huge and magnificent.  We drove through forests of ancient karri and tingle trees, some soaring to 246 feet.  Despite the remoteness of the region, it has become a mecca for artists of all persuasions--glass blowers, photographers, jewelers, painters, metal crafters, and, particularly, those who create fine furniture from beautiful wood.

        The township of Denmark was next on our route along the South Coast Highway.  On the way, I spotted a sign for the Pentland Alpaca Stud and Animal Farm.  Being an animal lover, I insisted we stop and look around.  This small farm and wildlife park not only had alpacas but galahs (colorful birds), kangaroos, koalas, camels, a huge North American bison, emus, llamas, an Asian water buffalo, deer, pigs, goats and more.  It appeared to be a happy, healthy home for these diverse animals.

        It was shortly before closing and began to rain heavily.  There were only four of us left in the farm/wildlife park and, as we were leaving, a woman who worked in the gift shop asked if I would like to feed a joey, a baby kangaroo. Of course I would!  She brought out a 9-month-old joey in a blue cloth bag, a simulation of a pouch.  I sat down, and she put the joey in my arms.  The warmed bottle of milk was surprisingly small, with a very long, thin nipple.  The sweet little joey emptied the bottle in no time, then looked up at me, as though studying her new, strange "mom."  She seemed quite content to just be held, and, for my part, it was one of the highlights of the trip.



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Seeking USA

Frankfurt / Main

Germany - Hesse
Frankfurt / Main

Open for offers for 2015 (school holidays)!

150 sqm, 3 floors, parquet, AC in all bedrooms, 20sqm terrace, sports equipment, quiet, central, excellent travel connections.We live in a cul de sac with a very friendly neighborhood.

Frankfurt/Main is located right in the middle of Germany and hence a good starting point to explore the country. Our house is ~ 5km from the centre of the city and it's only 200 meters to the woods, what is great for jogging and other outside activities.

Frankfurt has a zoo, a lot of museums, monuments, etc., and will interest almost everyone. See for more information .

It's only a one hr trip to Heidelberg, Würzburg or to the Rhine valley. There are several attractions that are listed in the UNESCO world herita