“Our Place or Yours?”

By: Phyllis and Dick Mulligan


Home exchanging with our kids, Matt, Leslie, and Rick, was one of our best moves over the years. Meeting new people, seeing the sights, sharing experiences and tasting the food [and spirits] I. E. enjoying the world! The memories are still with us, we often correspond with our exchangers and enjoy watching our families grow. Through home exchanging, we saved money on hotels/meals, had more room (a house), our own car and much more flexibility. All we needed was a map, our imagination and a foreign phrase booklet.

The idea started after the war in the 1950’s by teachers, people with unlimited curiosity, but limited budgets. They wanted to see the world and its landmarks to share with their students so they set up a home available registry. How can you/your family explore possibilities? We’ll discuss that later, but first let’s sample just a few highlights we especially enjoyed.

-Paris:   Our favorite, the Louvre, the area around Sacre Coeur church and the Place du Tertre and so much more.

-Rome:   The Coliseum, the Vatican, Sistine Chapel and the Pantheon.

-Vienna: A performance at the Opera House and Freud’s home tour.

-Prague:   Walking tour of Wenceslas Square and the story of the Velvet Revolution.

-Amsterdam:   Visiting Anne Frank’s house and lunch on “The Dam”

-St. Petersburg:   The Hermitage Museum, just being in Russia and talking with the people.

                     -Germany:   A Rhine cruise and the terrible story of Dachau, Munich – a Holocaust prison camp.

                      -Barcelona:   The Sagrada Familia Basilica by Gaudi.

Mark Twain once said, “World travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness,” and it surely opens your eyes to travel adventures.

         How can you/your family open your own window on the world? To learn more about home exchanging go to: [we used Home Link]

Websites: www.homelink.org/usa, 1-800-638-3841, 1-954-566-2687

               www.homeexchange.com, 1-800-877-8723

Seeking USA


Canada - Alberta

We have made plans for this summer, (2014), but our house will be available in Aug. if you would like to use it. Of course, this would only apply to home linkers who have a second place, which we could then use at a later time.

We offer a multi-level spacious townhome with all modern conveniences, (including wireless internet access) no garden but a sunny deck for your morning coffee. It is located just around the bend of the Bow River which has walking/biking trails on both sides, going all the way downtown and farther. It is quiet with lots of greenspace and many trees. Calgary is a vibrant, fast growing city. The monetary gains of the oil and gas industry has given it a thriving arts culture with many restaurants, markets, musea and cozy coffee places. There are many greenspaces and urban parks as well as an extensive trail system for walking and biking. One of the things Calgary is famous for is the Calgary Stampede, a western style rodeo which occurs in July. Calgary is about 100 km from the Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park. An easy drive on a good 4-lane highway. There you will find hotpools, wildlife, incredible nature,walking and hiking trails. The highway between Lake Louise and Jasper is awe inspiring. The foothills between Calgary and the mountains are also very beautiful with opportunities for long drives, walks and exploring. To the east are the prairies, now in large parts grainfields. Dinosaurs roamed here many years ago and a worldclass dinosaur museum is located near Drumheller, where the badlands give one an impression of what those days must have been like. To the south it is about an hour and a half to the US border. Weatherwise the best months are July, August or even the first part of Sept. For this year, (2014), however, we would prefer Aug. or Sept.) We look forward to hearing from you.