Estimated savings on a HomeLink holiday for 2 in the United Kingdom for 3 weeks

Cost Without home exchange With home exchange
Flights $1,400 $1,400
B&B accommodation $3,360 Free
Car Rental $1,270 (VW Golf from Avis) Free
Meals $2,100 $500
TOTAL COST $10,730 $4,500

Estimated saving $6,230



It's amazing how fast the savings add up when you choose to home swap as your preferred way to holiday.

Of course, you can never put a price tag on the fabulous, authentic cultural experiences you have when you swap homes. Nor can you put a price tag on the great, long term friendships you make by being an active member in HomeLink's 58+ year old international community.

Seeking USA

Wien, 40k, NW

Austria - Wien & Niederösterreich
Wien, 40k, NW


*US: Florida and california preferred; open for weekend exchange with European capitals

you are by train or car in 25 min. in Vienna.

In the near from our house is the Cultural Heritage of World:"THE WACHAU" (a verry beauty landscape on the Danubia-river)- excellent withwines-

also in the near: Salzburg( W.A.Mozart),Praha(capitale from CSR),Budapest(Hungaria),.....