Exchanging Your Second Home

The key to successful exchanging is flexibility - either over your dates or destinations, or preferably a bit of both. Having a second home or vacation home increases your flexibility enormously as it allows you to do a non-simultaneous exchange (NSX).

With a NSX you visit your exchange partner's home at a time suitable for you and they visit your second home at a different time. So for example, you may visit Australia in their summer and your Australian exchange partner could visit the US in our summer.

Many second homes are empty for a number of weeks every year - especially out of the peak season. A home exchange offers a way to get value from your holiday home when it would otherwise be unoccupied. Don't forget, that home exchanges within the US are always popular, so you could swap a winter week in your Florida vacation home for a skiing vacation in Colorado.

Many members with a second home also list their main home, thereby doubling their chances of finding an ideal exchange. You could also offer a two center vacation if your exchange partner wishes to visit both homes.

If you wish to list additional homes, the cost for all additional homes (not per each additional home) is just $25 per year. Each additional home has its own web page in the correct country & region and is linked to your main listing.

To create an additional listing:

Go back to our homepage, and click on the "Join Now" button.

Follow the "Join Now" links to the Subscription Form and fill out the form for the additional home. If you wish to receive your mail (phone calls etc.) at your primary residence, enter that information at the top of the form and enter the Zip Code of the second home where indicated on the form. This will over-ride the Zip Code in your mailing address and place the listing in the correct part of the correct state or country.

For the first additional home you add, near the bottom of the form, select the $25 membership option, accept the Terms and Conditions and cilck, "Continue'.  From there, follow the prompts to enter your payment information and click, "Submit". 

For any additional homes beyond the first additional home, simply complete the Subscription Form, select the $25 membership option, accept the Terms and Conditions and click, "Continue"  It is not necessary to enter your payment information for the 3rd listing and beyond as there is no additional charge.

Seeking USA

Mainz, 6k, E

Germany - Hesse
Mainz, 6k, E

HomeLinker since 2001.

We are currently looking for an exchange in July 2014 in northern California, preferably in the Bay Area. We might consider attractive offers in other areas of the West.

We live in a very attractive area between Mainz (an old Roman town), Wiesbaden (a former spa), Darmstadt (famous for its art deco) and Frankfurt (with its many museums). We are also very close to the Rheingau and Rheinhessen wine districts where there are many small vineyards and lovely little towns to visit.

The public transportation here is fantastic. We have bus and train service to Mainz and Wiesbaden and train service to anywhere else in Germany (or Europe for that matter). The autobahn is just a few hundred meters away and will take you, for instance, to Heidelberg in less than an hour. We have a Mercedes (C class/seats 5) with automatic transmission, air-conditioning and a navigation system for exchange.