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    Explore the USA's Own Backyard

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    Don't let the rising cost of international air travel discourage you from taking a holiday this year. While you may naturally be attracted to the exciting possibilities of exchanging with one of our 13,000+ HomeLinkers in exotic locations around the world, do remember one thing...

    There are almost 3,000 American members to swap with too!

    And sometimes, it turns out that the very best holiday experiences are the ones we can find and enjoy right here, amongst friends, relatives, and fellow Americans.

    Exchanging homes with a fellow American is a great way to explore our own backyard and on a super shoestring budget too! Consider our "Savings" comparison for a typical international holiday - the greatest cost by far, is the airfares. So imagine how ridiculously affordable your holiday can be, just by choosing to swap homes with another HomeLinker right here in America.

    For home exchange first timers, it's also a great way to "dip a toe in the water" with local people perhaps in a nearby capital city or tourist region.

    Don't forget about our friends to the north. There are nearly 1000 HomeLinkers in the beautiful Land of Canada and their accent alone might be enough to give you a taste of the alternate cultural experience you'd expect to find in a non-English speaking country!

    Best of all, the new friendships you will make around the USA are so easy to foster and maintain. Happy reunions and follow up exchanges are naturally just par for the course when you exchange homes with a fellow American ... just ask some of our longstanding members.

    Seeking USA

    Milano, city center

    Italy - Lombardia
    Milano, city center

    HomeLinker since 2009

    Ref:GOLD = over 10 Xs, no problem

    65 square meters / 700 sq feet apartment recently renovated by the owner (architect) in one of the most interesting and lively areas of Milan (western part of the city).

    The house is very calm and quiet thanks to its position, protected from the street noise by 2 small gardens.

    Two Subway Red Line stops (Pagano and Wagner) nearby (approx 200 meters): the Duomo (Cathedral) and Montenapoleone Road (the fashion district) are 5-6 stops far (less than 10 mins).

    VERY close to Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper (Ultima Cena) in Santa Maria delle Grazie Church.

    You can reach the new Fair District in Rho with the same subway in 15-20 minutes.