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Are you a little apprehensive about making your first home exchange overseas? Why not take the first step in the USA at the bargain price of $39 for 1 year? This is a limited membership that will allow you to contact only members who live in the USA. Anything from a weekend to weeks or months.

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Paris, 25k, S

France - Ile de France
Paris, 25k, S

Hello, we looking for September, 2015 an exchange has Okinawa, California, Seattle...

In Paris you can visit :

- The flea markets : "Porte de Clignancourt"

- Areas of cultural interest : "la Villette"

- Museums : "The pyramid" at the Louvre

- Artists : "Museum d'Orsay"

- Parks with various plants, minerals, animals : "garden Bufflon" , "Luxembourg Garden"

- Many famous department stores : "Printemps" and "Gallery Lafayette" or luxury beauty stores

- Various small typical neighborhoods Dépaysant : "Sacré Coeur of Montmartre",

- Countless restaurants offering worldwide cuisine to suit any palate :"street Moufftard" A very easy bike rental system. See website: