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Are you a little apprehensive about making your first home exchange overseas? Why not take the first step in the USA at the bargain price of $39 for 1 year? This is a limited membership that will allow you to contact only members who live in the USA. Anything from a weekend to weeks or months.

No passport needed, no travel visas, no international driver's license, no money exchange hassles, no language difficulties. Upgrade to world-wide home exchanging at any time.

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Home exchange in the USA

Seeking USA

San Francisco, 25m, E

USA - California
San Francisco, 25m, E


We are always open for weekend exchanges in

California and week exchanges within the US. Our grown children might join us this year, so we would want at least a 3 - 4 bedroom home.

Experience the warm, sunny and relaxed California atmosphere in our well-appointed home...very close to the City of San Francisco and close to the stunning Northern California coastal areas!

We are located in one of the most beautiful and desirable regions within the San Francisco Bay Area. The town of Walnut Creek which is only a 30 - 35 minute train ride to San Francisco has every amenity & convenience you need including a picturesque downtown area which is walkable from our home. It is a lovely, warm and sunny upscale community with many fine restaurants, a weekend farmers market, cafes and boutiques located in a beautifully-designed outdoor Mediterranean-style mall where you can stroll for hours.