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Are you a little apprehensive about making your first home exchange overseas? Why not take the first step in the USA at the bargain price of $39 for 1 year? This is a limited membership that will allow you to contact only members who live in the USA. Anything from a weekend to weeks or months.

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München, 100k, S

Germany - Bavaria
München, 100k, S

Private pool would be great!

Airport Allgäu/Memmingen is just half an hour away.

Exchanges only on Bavarian school holidays.

Irsee is close to everywhere: 100km south-west from Munich (1 hour by train or car); 50km to Füssen/Neuschwanstein (, the Alps and the boarder to Austria; 10km to thermal spa ( and Skyline Park ( in Bad Wörishofen (,,; 60km South of Legoland Günzburg (; 100km (one hour by train or car) north-east from lake of Constance and the boarder to Switzerland.

Small but beautiful lake within walking distance ideal for kids and swimming.